Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Here's my first finish of the year.  It is a wall quilt for my daughter.  Done-done.  Yeah!

Still have to finish my other UFO challenge for Jan. on one of my groups,  Now what will I select for February?  Surely something that needs quilting and binding for at least one of them.

Stay safe, those of you in the cold/snow/ice regions.  Strangely we are hitting 80 today, but only 50's tomorrow.  Weird weather for sure.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!  Remember when I posted just the center block a few months back?  Well here she is back home after a trip all over the USA and even to Australia.

Each participant put so much love into their work.  The beautiful applique was that gal's first attempt at machine applique.  Lovely.  And do you  notice how the outer blocks mimic the flow of the applique? So much care went into this quilt.

I just LOVE everything about this quilt top.  I am so grateful to each of the participants, as well as to our hostess.  I'm happy dancing here!

Mr. quilt holder's feet are cute too:)

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I haven't played the secret sister game for a couple years, but decided to get back in.

Here's what my sister sent for January.

First, she made that paper-pieced cover for the person size calendar for my purse.  I love it!  There's nothing like a home made gift.

I'm enamored with the quilt lady pin.  Isn't she cute!  Her necklace says Dear Jane.  In her hands she's holding a DJ book, her credit card, and a pack of M & Ms.  What more could a girl need?  I will proudly wear her often.

Also there's a Mary Englebreit needle holder.

Along with these there was a chatty hand written note.  It's going to be a super year, I can tell.  And Dear Pal, if you are reading here, I know we'll get to know each other better this year.  Thanks so much!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ready for guild today.  Too funny.  Tom said he can't remember seeing me dressed so warm -- turtle neck, fleece, boots.  Then reminded me to be sure my winter coat was in the car, whether Jodi or I drove.  Kind of fun for a day or so.  We'll be back to 80 this weekend.
Some guild members still wore their flip flops; flips are hard to give up :)  But when do I get to wear boots?

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Since this is my first post of 2014, one would expect it to be about sewing resolutions.  Like last year I was going to have 13 finishes in '13.  Yah, that happened.  Not!

But I am joining in with a group to try to finish things we have started.  No matter how long it takes.  Finish it.  Not that we are promising not to start new things, not to buy fabric or patterns  (yes, English majors, the triple negative is intentionally confusing).  I know I'll be starting new things.  I know I'll shop sometimes.  I did on Jan 1 sale at LQS (40% off everything).  Just to also finish something from the past once in a while.

Here's the first UFO I dug out.

I has been three years waiting to get quilted.  Three years.  I started big-stitch hand quilting it, wasn't happy, put it away, got it out, thought about taking out the stitches and machine quilting it, put it away, got it out, thought about how great it would look if I did it this way or that way, put it away, got it out, repeat.

This quilt is for our daughter, Melissa, and was made specifically to fit a quilt rack our son, Eric, made for her.  Geesh!  Finished is better than perfect.  I plan to finish this one this month.  Or soon.  Or at least never put it away to ponder again!