Saturday, January 31, 2015


My beautiful row swap quilt is home!  Remember when I posted that starter row, third down, last summer?  Well she's back.

This was the first package of mail I opened after retreat!  I just love each row more than the last.   I just slapped them on my design wall quickly :)  They are not sewn together (I get to do that) and are in no particular arrangement yet.  I think I'm seeing a thin row of sashing between each row, maybe in a small check.  Hmmm...........

I so love this yahoo group and the quality of work we do for each other.  Everyone puts so much love and care into the selections of what to do, the quality of materials they use, and their best workmanship.  I am feeling the love!

My theme this year was North Woods of Paradise, MI, and this surely capture it.  Our cabin will have a new wall quilt this year.

So many thanks to each of the participants.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm so happy to be stitching away at a quilt retreat at Lake Yale.  I've been working on some surprise things I can't post, and also these tiny blocks.  They will finish at 2.5" (quarter for size reference).

The gray thing in back is a lamp I won as a door prize.  I selected the lamp because I left mine at home, and since we are sewing in a room with all stained glass windows (McGuire, for those who know Lake Yale) I really needed the extra light.  It's a clever little Ott light. 

I won an Ikea light at the last retreat I went to.  Maybe the planet is telling me I need to lighten up, or let my light shine, or???

Monday, January 12, 2015


Oh my!  Look at the warning I saw on a cutting mat at JoAnn's this afternoon!

I wonder about other mats too!  Wow!

Does anyone know anything about this???

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Lucky me!  I will be going on a retreat in March and we'll be swapping siggies.

Here's the tutorial for how to make them.

Fabric:  Please use quality prewashed 100% cotton quilting fabric.  You'll need a light solid (any light color) and one other fabric.  This can be any quilting cotton  --  something to reflect you, or even just scraps you already have.  Your choice.

For each siggie, cut one light square 3.5" and two other squares 4.5".

Cut the print (or whatever) in half once, on the diagonal.

Finger press them in half to 'mark' the middle of long edge.

Finger press the solid light in half too.

Line up those fold marks.

Stitch two of the triangles to opposite sides of your square.

Trim off the excess points.

Press the to the outside.  Now line up the other triangles.

Stitch them on to the opposite sides.

Press to outside.  Sloppy looking isn't it.  That's ok.  Leave it that way.

We will trim the ones we receive to 5".  That way they will all be the same for stitching together (we all trim a little differently).

  Yes, leave them 'sloppy' to swap.

Below is shown how it will turn out after we each trim our own.

Now the fun part.  Sign your siggies.  Please include your name and where you are from.  You might want to add "Spring Thaw" or similar.

Siggies are easier to sign if you press freezer paper to the back.

Please use only permanent acid free pens to sign -- the kind you find at quilt shops, etc., for labels.

You can also use stamps, but be sure your ink pad is permanent and for fabric.

Please heat set any ink you use (press 10 seconds).

Those with embroidery machines could use that to make their centers.

Or you could hand embroider.

You could add yo-yos, or other embellishments if you want.

Or just sign your name and info.

As simple or fancy as you want is fine.  It is all good.

These are samples from a swap I did in 2010.

For some techniques you might want to embellish before assembling the blocks.  For others, it is easier to decorate/sign after they are finished.  It's up to you.

Bring one siggie for each person at the retreat.  Nan will keep us updated with that number.

These stitch up very quickly, assembly line style.  They will be a spectacular memory of everyone who came to retreat.  At 2016 retreat, we can show-and-tell what we made with them.  A little wall hanging?  A tote?  A cover for your machine?  What will you dream up?

If you have any trouble or questions, just ask.  This is meant to be FUN :)