Stripes With Squiggle Edge -- Made for DGD's (Corina Rose Hessert) 4th birthday, 2012.

Dinosaurs, made for DGS's (Brendan Coleman Harrell) 5th birthday, Feb. 2012.  The rows were made by friends in a row swap where we each set our own theme - mine being dinos for Brendan.

Kicks - A donation quilt for Quilts for Kids, Summer 2011.

Across the Spectrum - This quilt is done in Civil War fabrics.  There are only a couple repeats amongst all these small blocks.  This was a swap with seven special friends in 2011.

Basket from Friends - This flimsy was made from a basket swap in 2011.

Any Witch Way - Made in the fall of 2009, from a pattern in Quiltmaker.

Chocolat(e) Braids - Made from Moda Chocolat fabrics, in a class at Good Home Quilt Company, in 2007.