Monday, February 6, 2012


Last Friday, some friends on the Applique Boutique Yahoo group and I decided we'd devote our Fridays to getting our quilt tops made into quilts (thanks for Debbie M.'s idea).  This could be working on binding, labeling, quilting, or even putting a top together -- anything that would get those near-finished projects done.  Gals who didn't have a near-finished project pulled out a BOB (bag of blocks or other UFO).  

I'm getting positive response to this idea on my blog, so I decided to create a button for anyone who wants to participate.   The picture is just three of my unquilted tops from my plethoric pile of them, LOL!  You don't need to be part of a group or link back anywhere.  Just add this button to your blog and link to this post (so gals will know what it's about).  Work on one of your flimsies on Fridays, and post about it on your blog.  Let's see how far this idea spreads!  I hope you'll be joining us.


Cyn said...

Okey dokey... sounds like a good idea. I'll copy your button and put it on my blog... your idea ties in well with OPAM! Hey... what deal: two for one! lol

Rosa Robichaud said...

Will get on the band wagon NEXT Friday... this Friday, it's not possible for me, my friend... *s*


Raewyn said...

A fun idea Pat - I will join in when I can :-) i really do need to sort my flimsies!!

Debbie Madigan said...

I'm not sure what I did wrong but when I tried to save the Flimsy Friday button, it tured up blank in my photos. I am participating, so just made my own button. I hope this is okay!