Sunday, July 5, 2009


I think it's fun to see where other people sew. Here's my studio.

Entering my room, the first thing you see is the cutting table wall. Under it I store current projects in individual bins. The small file cabinet under the table holds books with my current WHIMMs (works hidden in my mind). On the bookcase to the right are do-dads as well as functional tools. I love the wall words "Sewing mends the soul," because for me it really does!

Moving left around the room flimsies waiting to be quilted are displayed on the quilt rack under the window.

My design wall has two Friendship Swap group projects on it right now. The crates below contain my smaller pieces of stash. The bottom row of crates are FQs. The top are 1 yard and under. Larger pieces are tucked away in the closet and under the cutting table. On top of the crates are projects in line for the design wall. The door into the room is on the left, and behind it hides my full-size ironing board. The pad on my cutting table works fine for working on blocks.

My serger is tucked into this cabinet. I rarily use it. Fun stuff hangs above.

My sewing table is right next to the serger. Bottom right is my rolling sewing machine caddy and bottom left (hiding under the snippet project) is my rolling cart with my pillow, etc., all ready for a retreat!

The supplies that are on the sewing table are contained in baskets and can easily be moved to give me more space to work on something large.

My thread is handy.

On the wall opposite my design wall, is an alcove. The door in the center leads to a bathroom.

There's a handy sink on the left.

And the intended linen closet.

On the right is a walk-in closet. In the file I store my magazines and books. The stack of drawers has stuff like zip-lock baggies, fusibles, and other stuff.

This is the upper walk-in. Some of the bins contain fabrics by category, like 1930's, and some are projects I'm collecting for.

My cabinets are Koala Cabinets and they send a regular and tiny Koala with each piece(sewing table, cutting table, and serger case). So I have three little ones, and two of the bigger ones hanging around my studio. I think the grands have the other one.

Figment, the Disney character from Figment of the Imagination, hangs out on one of my lamp poles, always inspiring the creative juices.

And here's the floor! I actually have floor space now, and can even walk around, LOL!

I've spent 2 weeks of Cinderella'ing getting it this neat and organized! Now I'm ready to sew!


Elly D said...

Hi Pat, I've enjoyed the tour of your sewing room, thank you for sharing.. and well done getting it presentable :)) One day mine may be that way... Elly

CathyQuilts said...

Very impressive!
Come to Dayton Ohio, please!

Micki said...

I love your sewing studio. It is really something else! Thanks for the tour!

Renate said...

It looks fantastic! Oh, I have to clean my sewing room too.

cozy quilter said...

You have inspired me to clean up my sewing room. I did tidy it earlier this year, but a few projects later, it has deteriorated again...
I love your projects. I will come back to visit again.


Sue Johnson said...

Pat, Thanks so much for the photo inspiration. It just goes to show that it CAN be done. Love that little heart on the wall that says "I don't sew, I just collect fabric." My sentiments exactly!


La MaƱosa said...

Looks like a lovely sewing room! I hope you spend many happy hours there!

Cyn ;-) said...

WOWZER! This is impressive, Pat. I wanna come and play in your room. lol.
Congratulations on a wonderful sewing space -- your studio looks so inviting!

Miriam said...

What a well organised sewing room! Thank you for showing us.

Sylvia said...

Doesn't it feel great having a clean room to hide away in? VBG And whenever I clean my sewing room, I always get all inspired again, reviewing those UFO's and such. sylvia

Hanne said...

Lovely sewing room :-)

Teaquilts said...

I love your sewing room. I'm ashamed to show mine. I have way too much stuff. I'm using 2 rooms, 2-1/2 closets, basement for storage, some in living room and dining room. I may have to get rid of the spouse, huh?

jillquilts said...

It looks great! I'm so jealous over the amount of space that you have!

Quilt Hollow said...

Pat, thanks for the lovely tour of your creative space. Nice!!

Mary said...

You have a nice set up for your creative juices to flow. No wonder you have to do "Cinderella" duty once in a while. We all need to. Love the Row Robin on your design wall. I have one coming home in a couple more months. Mine is in 30's prints. Hope it is as nice as yours.