Tuesday, September 1, 2009




All these wild blueberries are creating quite a distraction from quilting! I'd better be getting back to quilting, or I'll need to be sewing tents to wear soon!

We pick wild blueberries on our own property, and I make my pie completely from scratch, crust and all. All guests so far have asked for the recipe. Yum!
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Quilterrits said...

looks scrumptious! nothing like berries you've picked yourself.

vivian said...

Reminds me of your brown and blue quilt. :)

Jean M. :) said...

Lucky You... To have bluberries that you can pick.... I love blueberries and I envy you... The pie looks great and yummy... I make my crust from scratch all the time... Enjoy a peice for me..LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Save a piece for me too. Am glad you will be home soon.