Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday I finished this quilt. The blocks are from my Friendship Block Swap group. Each year we have a signed block swap. We made and signed Cracker blocks this year, in scrappy fabrics, so that no one would be left out in hard economic times, for not having the right color or style of fabric.

In lieu of a label I made one additional block and in the signature area, put the label information.

This is the fastest time from receiving blocks to completed quilt in my swap history. I only got them last Sat. -- mine took the long route from St. Pete to Winter Garden, LOL!


Angela said...

Fantastic little quilt! I love how all the colors end up working so well together! Beautiful job!

Marls said...

It has worked out really well. Great job and amazed you got it done so soon after receiving your blocks.