Thursday, July 15, 2010


My Pay It Forward gift from Terry, from Terry's Life Blog, arrived yesterday. It is so cute, old-fashioned, and traditional. Just the sort of thing I love! This wall hanging has buttons, a pinkeep, and a ribbon to tie on scissors. It has a comfortable, scrappy look, and is hand-quilted! Thanks so much, Terry.

Pay It Forward is where you sign up on someone's blog to make and send out to three takers on your blog. You receive one homemade gift from the person who posted. I've already sent mine out. They were the needle cases I posted about a month or so ago.

Terry also included this precious card with The Quilter's Prayer. Lovely!


Pat said...

That is a very cute wall-hanging for your sewing space!

Paula said...

The wall-hanging is very nice but how is the quilters prayer?

Tineke said...

Cute wall-hanging, and I have noticed two klosjes!!

Micki said...

I love the wallhanging!