Thursday, September 9, 2010


We recently sold our house in FL, and of course that means going through everything. Every time we move (quite a bit!), I seem to find some treasure, long forgotten. Well, this one is really long forgotten. Like for over 40 years.

For a long time I've kept a bag that I made in high school, with macrame on the front and handles. For years it lived at my grandmother's house (I lived with her from 7th grade on) but when she died I took the bag and contents. Well I knew it contained my Girl Scout Cadet uniform, souvenirs from my junior year trip to Mexico, and some papers. But what I didn't know, or forgot was what the papers were. That is until I found it last month, and emptied it to give the bag to my DGD.

While living with Grandma, I became interested in quilting, but she didn't quilt. Some other relatives did, but she mainly embroidered and crocheted. But she found some old patterns in her house, gave them to me, and I kept them all these years.

This one is called "Quilts" and the copyright is 1945 by The Spool Cotton Company. The price in the red corner is 10 cents.

Inside are the patterns for many quilts commonly made today -- Storm at Sea, Irish Chain, Basket of Flowers, Red Cross, Hearts and Gizzards, etc.

The introduction gives a brief history of quilting in America and strongly encourages women to "Cherish and promote this art steeped in tradition." Next are two pages of general directions. How to trace and cut your cardboard templates, etc., all the way through putting your quilt on a frame and hand quilting it, which says is done with a straight up and straight down stitch (no needle loading) is "the only correct way." Quilt Police must have been alive and well in the 40's, LOL!

This book is really an interesting read. A true treasure found! More on this topic later.


Angela said...

What a great find! "Found" things like that are always fun!

Pat said...

I am sure you appreciate that book more now than you would have if you'd been reading it when it was first given to you. Enjoy it!