Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WOW = Working On Wednesday

Today, and every day lately, I'm working on moving into our new home in Florida.   While lining my kitchen cupboards and drawers, the only measuring instrument I had resurrected from packages (beside my DH's pull out tape measure) was my large quilt ruler.  It worked great to measure the shelf liner.  But then I thought, why not get out the roller cutter too.  I was already using the mat to protect the counter top, and it was taking forever to draw a line and scissors cut it.  Wow!  It made quick work of it, and my measures and cuts were much more accurate too!  Just like cutting fabric, which I'm sooo familiar with doing.  The blade was getting dull anyway.

If you'd like to see what gals all over the world are working on today, link to Esther's WOW link here.


Anne said...

Just goes to show how versatile us quilters can be :0). I'm working on getting my house ready for yet another open inspection...just want someone to buy it, sigh.

Esther said...

Looks interesting.

I thought for a moment that you were going to tell us you were lining your drawers with fabric!!

Glenda said...

I was cutting up Xmas paper using my cutting board and rotary cutter two weeks ago for a 12 days of Xmas quilting swap; when hubby said what are you doing cutting paper you should be cutting fabric not paper to wrap them!!!!! I thought he was going to say I should not be using my cutter on paper, he can still surprise me????? Hugs Glenda