Friday, November 23, 2012


Do you love a good mystery quilt?  Bonnie Hunter is famous for them.  Generally her mysteries are tons and tons of tiny pieces.  However, this time she promises this one will be Easy Street.

I have plenty of projects going already, and lots to finish before Christmas.  But (famous last word) I do love a good mystery, and the colors she's using really called to me.  Hmmm..................  Well, I was organizing my stash shelves today anyway, and some fabrics just fell into a pile,, just for this project.

Aquas/teals, limes/aqua greens, purples.  Check,  Plenty of them and good variety.

Black on whites?  Check.  At least 3 yards and lots of variety.  2 yards of a gray?  No, but a mostly black with a gray line, Check. 

These are all from my shelves.  No need to dig in bins.  Did it make a dent?  Ha!  No!  Had trouble fitting the rest back after pulling these.

The first step went up today.  There will be one a week for however long it takes (6 or 8 weeks).  You can click to Easy Street here,, or on my side bar.



Nanette said...

ok you talked me into it, I can work on it while I work on Mr Grey, and the flying geese from stashbusters last month. Are we doing the AM SB tomorrow and lunch after??


Anonymous said...

Tempted... you bet. I promised myself in Auguse I would do this one just so I can say I have a Bonnie mystery quilt under my belt. At first I was sort of disappointed when she said this would be Easy Street. Reality check, just finish it! I am changing nothing and using her colors and I have the first 100 four patches sewn!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Congrats! See ya down Easy Street.

Cyn said...

This mystery looks to be a fun one. The colors are so Happy! I d/l Step#1 today, but haven't started yet... not until I finish my SnowPeople and get them all in the mail! It's hard to wait, though. Maybe I can do the 4sies as LEs while I'm stitching SP blocks? lol

Debbie Madigan said...

I just signed up!

Debbie Madigan said...

Well . . . not really signed up but printed the first clue and fabric requirements.

Josie Scheckel said...

I never pass up on a Bonnie Hunter..love her little pieces and scrappies ness of her projects.