Sunday, December 16, 2012


We drastically down-sized our digs a year ago.  We moved just before Christmas, and didn't decorate at all for the holidays last year. 

In our 'big' house I went nuts and decorated everywhere.  We had a 12' tree in the living room, all in gold.  We donated that one to a youth ranch when we moved.  We knew it wouldn't fit.  The family room tree we kept, but it's too big too.  Maybe next year we can put it up on the lanai.  The master bedroom tree has potential.  It's small and short.  The teacher tree is smaller yet, and might fit somewhere.  Maybe my office.

Now that we are more settled we can see where a tree might fit in our great room, but it will have to be slim at the bottom.  I thought those slim but 6' or 7' tall ones would be just right.  They were sold out locally, but I've ordered one that should be here before Christmas. 

Our stack of gifts for the grands looked sad not being under a tree.  Then, ureka, I found this Charlie Brown Christmas tree at Aldi's.  I've always told DH that all we really need is just a Charlie Brown tree.  Not a fancy one.  Well, now we have one.  It even came with the one ornament and Linus's blanket for the tree skirt!  It's about 12" tall, and all it needs is a little love.

So here's to Charlie Brown, and to the less-is-more philosophy we've embarked on.  Simplify, simplify.


Quilter Raised in the South said...

I love that tree! my co-worker has one for his desk.

Cyn said...

Super perfecto! Love it. Way to go, Pat.
It's simple around here, too... I just have my Swedish Dowel Tree up. All the 'ornaments' are mini quilts in red/green.

wackywoman said...

Love, love, love it!

Carol said...

LOVE it! Less truly is more!

Nancy said...

I have the same tree and love it. I also have the Peanuts characters doing a play about the Nativity. Snoopy is a sheep and Woodstock is an angel, I think,