Friday, April 26, 2013


The past few evenings I've been working on hexies.  These are stitched to the papers.  I'm making these to trade with friends so I'm using the prescribed method.  It is very easy and mindless to stitch these while watching tv -- very relaxing.

But really, I think from now on I'll use Inklingo, where the first stitches you take are stitching the hexies together, eliminating the need for the paper pieces.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I have a Stashbusters group at the LQS, as well as a First Communion for my Grandson, Devon.


Wacky Woman said...

I'm not familiar with the other method. Maybe I shouldn't ask, I don't know if I could handle another new project. LOL

Emily T said...

Love the colors on your hexies!! (They are really fun with Inklingo too, I love making them both ways! EPP is nice, instant gratification since you can play with arrangements once they're basted).

Congrats on your grandson's First Communion! My daughter makes hers next week. . .Such fun times!!

Cyn said...

Aha! Someone else has been bitten by the Hexie Bug! lol. I love making these - I use Inklingo. They are sew addictive. Eventually I might even have a GFG quilt. lol. What are your hexie plans??