Saturday, June 15, 2013


One of my on-line groups has started a block lotto, where the winner is drawn and then she selects the blocks (size, fabric type, pattern) she'd like to receive.  Everyone gets one chance for the next month's drawing for every block they make (up to 4)  for the current winner.

Well, lucky me!  I was our first winner, and I selected the 12" Merry Go-Round block in 30's prints with white or white-on-white.  While this block looks a little tricky at first glance, it is actually easy.  The pattern is written by Eleanor Burns of Quilt In A Day, so you know she makes it easy!  You can find a link to it here, scroll down.  While you are there look at all the many free block patterns, and other things offered on the Quilt In A Day web page.  No affiliation.


Carol Stearns said...

Lucky YOu!

Wacky Woman said...

Great block.

Raewyn said...

Great winnings!! I love your blocks :-)