Saturday, October 12, 2013


So, after guild on Tuesday, we went to the quilt shop.  I got this new cutting system, by TrueCut.  They are the ones that show the children using it in their ads --  easy - safe - accurate.  We shall see.

Notice the partially cut selvage on the left.  That's where I left off last Sunday.  Haven't been in the studio all week.  The finger is healing nicely so far.


Elaine said...

Next week will be better-especially with a new cutter! Haven't seen you on the A4A FB page. How are you doing on that quilt?

Wacky Woman said...

Have you tried it yet? I tried one similar and had trouble converting. But, then you have a good incentive or reminder to "make it work". How is your ouchy?

Loretta said...

I just purchased a new rotary cutter called Splash that is a quick change blade system, but maybe I need to look into this new, safer cutter! I've not seen this one, so I'm going to check it out! Thanks for the info.

Carol said...

Pat let us know how it works...I've seen those but wondered if I could get used to it...hmmmm, old dog, new tricks...LOL!

Mary-Pat Sherman said...

Hi Pat:
I'm behind on your posts; but assume the injury involved cutting? I'm sitting here with a split on the tip of my right thumb from a paring knife weeks ago. It heals, then I bump it and it bleeds again. I'm beginning to think I should have had a stitch or two. Now it's healing by "second intention" - from the inside out. And, I have to remind myself to be careful to not bump it -almost every day!
Keep us informed on the safe new cutter.