Monday, December 23, 2013


Merry Christmas to all my readers and online friends.  Our lawn is ready to receive our king.

And indoors, the tree is up and the packages are ready,
Less is more is our mantra these days :)
A bit of baking tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, an evening service at church, and I'm all ready.
Whatever holiday you celebrate, and in whatever way, my wish for you is for a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.


Hitimbr said...

Merry Christmas Pat, love your Charlie Brown tree. Baked Hungarian nut Butterhorns last night... also put together a perfect Tiramisu. . Love holiday baking ofnew and old family favorites... made a mistake chilling the dough for the butterhorns... couldn't roll them out as thin as wished for. But flavor similar to tastebud memories.. Sure wish my cell phone could call heaven and get recipe help from Mom....

Mary-Pat Sherman said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Pat. I'm baking German Chocolate Pecan Bars today in my motor home. Wish me luck for oven use!

Katie Schroeter said...
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Katie Schroeter said...

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