Monday, March 3, 2014


I am participating in a swap with gals from all over the world, where we select a fabric that represents us, then send a fat eighth of it to each participant.  They in turn select a 6" block to make that represents them.

You then make a block representing you using fabric representing them.  It's a neat way to combine friendship in a quilt.

I chose the common blue fabric you see here.  I love blue and want a blue and white quilt.  I request that the others use any other blues with it, and white or white-on-white background if they chose.

So far five blocks have come back.  The Dutch block is from a Dutch quilter, etc.  I think they are playing nicely together so far.

There are 21 of us in the swap, so there will be many more blocks coming in over the next months.

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Wacky Woman said...

Love it! Where do you find these fun swaps. Is you fabric Kaufman's Fusion? Pretty!