Thursday, April 17, 2014


Jenny Doan, of the Missouri Star Quilt Company, was in my area today.  I went to the presentation with my friend Nan.

Jenny is a ball of energy and really funny!

We learned so much in a couple hours.  Missouri Star specializes in quilting with pre-cuts, and she has a plethora of patterns.  Many are free on You-Tube.

 Afterward we were able to get pictures with Jenny.

And she signed issues of Missouri Star's 'magazine' Block.  I hesitate to call Block a quilt magazine, because it is much more like a book.

Jenny and her family have made a huge difference in the economy of her small town.  She's made the financial section of NBC news.  Many of her 7 children are in the business, as well as around 100 local people.  The company only started 5 years ago, and already they've had such impact in tough economic times.

If ever you have the opportunity to hear her, by all means do.

I hope to some day visit her small town.  The company is buying abandoned buildings and turning the town into a walking tour quilt shop.  I.E., one building will house solids, one batiks, etc. with the fabrics by category, one will have long-arms, one is now a retreat center.  Amazing growth in 5 years!

Congratulations, Missouri Star!


Wacky Woman said...

Isn't she wonderful? I was lucky enough to take a class from her last summer in Las Vegas.

Hitimbr said...

I wish I were with you. She has to be my favorite video teacher. I almost stopped over to see her Missouri Quilt Co. when at Branson in 2013. Now it sounds like all the new shops will make it a must see destination. I imagine a museum with all the quilts from years of YouTube instructions.... You are a lucky gal, Pat.
Glad you got to meet her. . . And thanks for the linking me in with so many motivating quilters. Toni in WI

Pokey said...

This sounds like it was great fun, her smile is as bright in your pictures as when you watch her on you tube.