Saturday, May 10, 2014


No, not a tornado.  Just the status of my sewing room after two hours of pulling everything out of the closet.  OK.  It was a mess before pulling everything out, but now???????????

Resembles an episode of Hoarders, doesn't it?

It's going to take a lot more hours to get it back into usable shape!  Plugging away here.

As The Fly Lady says, it didn't get this way in one day, and it's not going back quickly either.

Please send positive vibes.  I need them.


Pokey said...

Tackle one spot at a time, you will be so proud when it's workable again! Listen, it looks like my area!!

Carol Stearns said...

Here's the good part! Imagine your delight when you find fabrics you forgot you had or a pattern you had been looking for and can't find! This almost inspires me to do the same in my room, just "almost". HKave fun!

Wacky Woman said...

I need to deconstruct my quilt room also. I think it was Emmerson who said "You have to murder in order to create".

Karen said...

Oh so much! I want to come play with it before you put it all away!

Hitimbr said...

You will be so glad you inventoried it all.
No need to put away anything until it is organized in piles and boxes... then you know what size each storage needed is. Zip lock bags and vacuum bags for long range projects.then fiber items not intended for specific projects can be arranged by color.sizes marked...
I personally went to buy dozens of bins to store inventory. . . But... hidden in foggy plastic hid contents. Good inventory list important on outside of each container. Or, re-buying happens again out of frustration of still not finding needed colors or tools. And patterns.i have two 14 ' walls of new adjustable rubbermaid shelving ... floor to ceiling. Embarrassing to realize i have so much inventory in so many different crafts.... but the new clear tubs help me see what is where. One wall is outside the sewing room or I'd have no design wall space.
You'll be unburried. You can do it. After getting kits and designated projects apart then arrange fabrics by colors and fabric sizes. On same or different open shelves. Big pieces /yardages on their own color sorted shelf. Remember to put signage for your piles. Gets confusing as you get on a roll...have to step away... then return to the sorting after a break.One has to cook.. go to guild... and sleep... breaks are/is vital.... sometimes frequently. Happy Mother's Day.
Toni in WI.

It is hard to restart... to know I'd make new clutter on cleared table spaces.
Next I will eliminate duplicate tools. But, hard to do. I plan to make a baggie of tools for workshops... separate from 'in house' tools.
Then move the baggie to next out of home work event. I really goofed. 5 workshops in next 30 days. Nuts. First one is landscape on Friday. Those fabrics have begun in a fat quarter bag years ago. Now overflowing. I'll take these in a bin with tools in a major 2 gallon baggie. Hope all fits in a bin. Today I'll find the photo and sort to take only needed fabrics for that landscape photo. i.e. eeegads... why not drop a few. This will be 5 more UFO's... I fear.i need to do marathon sews ... like youthful days. Get it done right away. Before going to next workshop... You will love it soon Pat!

Nanette said...

Good Grief Pat, you were even brave enough to take a before picture and post it online. So much braver than me. Crank up some good music and move to groove to the music.

Gotta go crank up my music and sew.