Sunday, March 8, 2015


So proud of my guild's show this year.  The quality of the quilts was amazing.  Here are pictures of some of my favorites.

This beauty won best of show.

Here are some of the challenge quilts.

Kelly's 'Open Wide and Say Ah -- Why yes, there is a frog in your throat' won the blue ribbon.

My picture doesn't do this labyrinth quilt justice.  The quilting really made the depth pop.

I love Winding Ways quilts.

There were many applique quilts.

Peace Cottage (from McCall's magazine) was our BOM last year, and there were several of them in the show.

More applique.

This is a family quilt.  Each family member is represented by a unique block.

This is in four panels.  It was a BOM challenge a couple years ago.  Each season had to have a purple something 1/3 from the bottom.

Here are the mini quilts.

My Signature Quilt.

These are from a Medallion Robin our guild held last year.

The one below won viewers choice.  It's my fav. too.

Here's my Florida Sunset.

I love this Pepper Dish by Susie.  I have this one started.  Someday.

This quilt was made to honor the maker's husband's military service.  Love it!

I love hexies!

This one honors the maker's parents.  It includes dad's ties, and mom's wedding dress fabric, their photo, their announcement, etc.

Margaret made this one to remember her doll dresses.  So sweet!

I love the colors and fabrics used in this lovely jacket.  It is so detailed.  Good work Donna!

Now we celebrate for a week or two, and then we begin getting ready for next year!


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Karen said...

Oh my! Some beautiful quilts. I have not been to the Lake County Quilt Show in years and years. Last I went, so many of the quilts were from the same pattern.

Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing your quilt show pictures. Enjoyed seeing all the beautiful work. Love your Florida Sunset quilt. Those mini's are impressive too!

audrey said...

Some really great quilts there! Thanks for sharing.:) The round robin viewers choice is fabulous!!