Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Lori Hurd has a new edition of her Farmer's Wife Sampler book.  I love the letters in the book, as well as the quilt.  Plus, there's a sew-along!  What's not to love?


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Hitimbr said...

Morning Pat, I'm not of Farming decent. But, having been raised closed to my gentleman farmer, big gardens,with many horses and pony and wagons. This author wrote a second book which therefore appeals to me personally moreso; 'The Farmers Wife Pony Club'. Very special stories about the Minneapolis magazine that offered Free shetland pony's and often with carts to the children who sold subscriptions to their magazine. The book contains photos of children who wrote Thankyou letters and included a photo of their loved pony,letters so heart warming and of great meaning to me. I am making the 8 inch blocks that Lori created to go with each of these children's charming stories. 100's of pony's were sent by truck or trains to children all over rural America. The children faced the hardest pressure from their neighbors who often were saying to the child that they were wasting their time, they would never get a free pony. It built great life-long resilience in the personalities of children who continued to collect subscriptions and renewals until they reached the goal number... sometimes taking years of their summer effort... and many yearlong nightmares... heart wrenching worrisome nights & days....We're those people right? These children kept their belief strong enough to combat the naysayers in their community... people so mean, to dash a child's HOPES. This is a very joyfilled book. With beautiful quilt blocks, check Amazon. Comes direct to you from the WI author...