Monday, October 26, 2015


I've been working on microwave bowl holders today.  These are like pot holders, but for bowls you use in your microwave.

We've all been surprised how hot the bowls can get; not from the microwaves but from the hot food.  This way you can retrieve the bowl and not get burned.

I've been experimenting with various sizes to best fit the bowls we most often use to heat up soup and chili.

Some will be making their way to my quilt guild's boutique.  Others will stay right here :)

If you decide to make these, be sure everything is 100% cotton.  I also wash mine after construction to make sure no chemicals from the 'ingredients' remains.  I use 100% cotton fabric and thread, as well as batting that is microwave safe.  Washing is still important, because you never know what chemicals might have been sprayed on the supplies during transportation.

Be safe!  No microwave fires!

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