Thursday, June 25, 2009


After 10 1/2 months in transit, my rows are home! This swap started last summer, when each of us made our theme row. Mine was the spool flowers row.

Then they passed to 6 other gals, each adding a specific row, curved piecing, squares and rectangles, hearts, triangles, applique, and ending with free-choice. They each chose their own pattern and fabrics.

They also each signed my journal with thoughts about their quilting, family, etc., as well as signing their name on the top of a spool, and their location on the bottom, and signed a signature block for the back of the quilt, telling which row they made and dating it.

I'm just so excited to have this swap home. It's been all hush, hush, secretive all year, and I had no idea what anyone else did for mine. It's been fun as the other gal's rows passed through my sewing room, and I added to theirs.

What fun! And what a talented group of ladies!


Angela said...

What fun! All the rows are so lovely! I love how everyone signed a spool with their name and location!

Betweens said...

Pat your row robin looks awesome. I have done a couple of these on line and it has been great fun.. for both making the thinking/planning/designing the rows to receiving the rows that the participants have created. Yours looks fantastic

Judy said...

Great rows Pat! Don't be like me and put them away for 7 years!! I am now putting my rows together. I think my favorite is the spool flowers...tying in sewing/quilting with your rows. Clever! But they are all great!