Thursday, August 20, 2009


These are pictures of my sewing studio in Michigan. It is 1/2 of the loft. My DH has the other half for his work -- mainly just a computer station. The sewing desk and large bookcase are from our family room, when we lived in Saudi Arabia, which is the furniture my kids (31, 33, 36) remember growing up with. The cutting table I bought here, because I really need one the proper height, and because the one that goes with the furniture is in the family eating area now. The 'kids' say it brings back memories of many family meals ages and ages ago!

Here's the floor, which will be doubling as my design wall, I think, LOL.

Here's the view. With the windows open, it feels like I'm sewing in a tree house!

That's Lake Superior in the background.


Marls said...

What a magnificent view from the sewing room. You would want to sew,and sew and sew.
I too have lived in Saudi Arabia but have not got furniture from that time. Great memories and friends, however.

Angela said...

I can see why you call it Paradise! The view is lovely!

Susan said...

Pat, after seeing your wonderful view. I blogged about my view as well.


Kitty said...

Wow, what a beautiful room. And that view. I don't have a quilting space of my one. :( I just use the kitchentable. Hopefully one day...... You can understand that I am green with envy.