Monday, January 11, 2010


If you are freezing up north and are thinking a trip to Florida might be just the thing, think again! My husband and I took these pictures of an orchard just north of Disney World this afternoon.

The farmers keep the irrigation spray going to try to insulate the fruit. Mother Nature takes over and presents this amazingly beautiful, albeit absurd, landscape.


Angela said...

Those are amazing pictures, Pat! You would think you were back in Michigan, huh? :o) Try to stay warm! :o)

BJ - OR Sunshine Quilter said...

Y'all can come to Oregon. It's in the 50s (above) here! Seriously, we feel for all of you folks going through this freezing weather!

Lynn said...

Interesting to see the pictures as we are hearing about this "up north". I live about 75 miles north of Duluth and we have had temps as low as -28 this winter. (last week) Hang in there. It's warming up here (15 above now at 5am..haha) so it must be getting warmer there too! Ha! Enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Micki said...

That is amazing weather for Florida. The pics really were amazing!