Saturday, January 9, 2010


The 2010 BOM from The Golden Thimble is a quilt featuring barns with quilts on them. I love to see those barns when I'm driving in the country 'up north'. The barn remains the same each month (with different fabrics, but the same block), but the quilt on the barn will be different. Can't wait to see these tiny quilts on the barns! I'm not sure I have time to start anything new just now, but we'll see. I will definitely save the patterns and have added a link on my side bar.


Angela said...

How clever is that! Thanks so much for the link, I really like this one! :o)

Wonky Girl said...

This is really a BOM that interests me. Thank you for mentioning the link. Sometimes I get too busy to visit all the places I love on line. Would have missed this one :( Hope you find time to catch up.