Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Partridge in a Pear Tree

Turtle Dove

French Hen

Calling Bird

These are photos of my baubles from Esther Aliu's 12 Days of Christmas BOW. This is Part 2, just in time, as Part 3 comes out tomorrow. Well actually it's already up a day early. I am really trying to keep up here, for a change!

The applique pieces are very tiny. I redid my first two baubles. I'm now using fusible applique with Steam a Seam 2 Light. That way I can place the pieces and stick them down, but still reposition them if needed, before the final adhesion. Some of the tiny ones (like beaks and eyes, I'm placing with tweezers. All of the stitching is by hand, using DMC floss. This first batch took forever, especially with the redoes, but now that I have my products and methods down, I think Week 3, which is 4 more baubles, will go faster.

You can find a link to this project in my sidebar on the left.


sophie said...

I've only managed to download the directions ... your baubles look wonderful. When I downloaded part 3 today, I thought about stitching the designs instead of/combined with applique. Your photos are really motivating me to decide and get busy ;-)

Angela said...

Lovely, Pat!

Esther said...

I love what you have done with these, looks great. As for the applique, yes it gets easier...

Mary said...

Your Baubles are nice. I'm still on step one. Had to go find more Christmas Fabrics. Nancy Halvorsen makes it easy with her whole line. 20% off at my Local Quilt store. I am hoping to do mine by hand also, can you say Road trip? Steam a Seam is my favorite too.