Saturday, October 9, 2010


Thought I'd share this funny photo of me. DH took the pic in our yard today. I've been having some eye trouble, and it is majorly exacerbated by sunshine, so I bought this new Tilley hat yesterday. Tilleys are made in Canada, and I've been paying more attention to where things are coming from lately. Canada is good!

It works! I wore it this morning walking Tahquamenon Falls in bright sunshine. Lots of 'Go Green' and 'Go Blue' being said there! Off to watch the Michigan State vs. Michigan game. You can tell which team I'm for! Go Spartans!

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Janet said...

I had a tilley hat once....loved it...until I washed it...and it shrunk. We used to live in South Bend, so I know all about you Michigan State fans. ha ha!