Sunday, November 7, 2010


This chipmunk is holding tight to this pillowcase that I made for our DGD, Bri, 11, for Christmas. Here it is opened out.

While she was visiting us in MI last summer she fell in love with chipmunks. There aren't any in FL, where she lives. She even had them eating out of her hand and crawling on her. Now she's wondering what careers involve working with chipmunks. I think this gift will keep her fond memories alive. Of course she gets the stuffed chipmunk too.

Eating from her hand.

Crawling in her bag of Cheerios and nuts.

On her shoulder.

While there're many methods for making pillowcases, I like to use the Rolled Method, so that all the seams are encased on the cuff and trim, and then finish with French seams, so there's no raw edges anywhere.


Pat said...

I'm sure she will love the pillowcase. I never knew anyone to get chipmunks to crawl on them and eat from the hand! I hope you took pictures!

Cheri said...

Park ranger? Cute chipmunks and cute girl. Sweet pillow case. Just fun stuff.

Pat said...

OH....so glad you added the pictures to the post.....SO cute!!!