Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here I am with Brenda Papadakis. Notice our shoes. They were THE THING at Shipshe this year. Both Brenda and I bought them at the same time on Wed. -- too early to get into the room, and the sewing room wasn't open yet either. I had no idea who Brenda was when we were both shopping for shoes at Yoders. I just thought she had great taste in shoes. By the end of the weekend at least a dozen of us were sporting them! Very comfy, very creative.

Oh and Brenda, in case you don't know, Brenda Papadakis is the one who started this whole Dear Jane thing. She drafted every block of Jane A. Stickle's quilt and published the book.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I'm thankful for all my quilting friends, both in person and on-line, and to those who are both!


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are very nice and they look so comfy .
Happy thanksgiving

Micki said...

The shoes are cool, and what a thrill to have been with Brenda..she is quite a talent!