Thursday, December 30, 2010


Happy New Year to each of you! Wow! 2011! Amazing!

Do you make quilting resolutions at New Years? Sometimes I join UFO challenges, or One Project a Month type groups. But this year my quilty resolutions will be with myself to:

1. Make good use of what I already have.

2. Buy only what I really need and will use promptly.

3. Finish some things that are started.

4. Don't start more than I can finish.

5. I have several long-term projects in the works (Dear Jane, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, Women of the Bible, and Vintage Valentine). My plan is not to add any more huge projects before progressing a ton on those.

6. Quilt my numerous flimsies (completed quilt tops)!

7. Get some of the men out of the closet. That would be "Bobs" or bags of blocks from exchanges. They need to be made into useful items.

8. Limit my number of those addicting block swaps. Oh, that's going to be a tough one!

That's probably enough for one quilter for one year!

Have a safe and fun holiday. Maybe find some time for some stitching too!


Mary said...

I laugh off my chair with #4! I re did my UFO list and added anbother 12 to it on my Facebook Notes. I have started way more than I can finish in a year. The Swaps are addicting! See what you got me started in...It's your Blog that sent me to the Friendshipswap group. Thanks to your bragging I had to join.

Micki said...

Have a good 2011 Pat! Good luck with your goals, esp. the swaps. They are hard not to join.

Angela said...

Happy 2011, Pat! I think my main goal this year is to finish things up, but really to only work on "what I want". I've decided if I just am not into it any more, it's a waste of time to "force" myself to finish it. I want to work on what gives me joy... :o)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart for even making such a list. Best of luck with those resolutions for the year. I know so many people who are doing the "finish those UFOs" thing, me included. I wonder what we're all thinking? LOL Not that I'm not starting new things, because I am! This morning I worked on a new one, this afternoon I returned to a UFO.