Friday, December 3, 2010


Isn't this the most fantastic quilt??? It was hanging on the wall at Lolly's. I just had to get a picture of it. When I asked permission, the clerk also handed me a paper explaining the quilt.

It was a community service project for 2nd graders! Yes, 2nd graders! Their teacher, Arlene Shaum, who teaches 2nd grade at Harrison Christian School, in Goshen, IN, drew the pattern out on tear-away canvas. The design is from a cross stitch pattern. The squares were one inch. She cut the fabric squares and placed them in a special bin her husband built for the project. She drew a color grid in the canvas, so the kids would know what color squares to glue where. They worked on it before school and whenever they finished their work early. The quilt was put together in 6 panels. By Dec. they were half done, and guessed that it was The Lord's Supper. The teacher sewed the blocks together, making the resulting squares 1/2". Let me assure you this is a huge quilt make of a zillion tiny squares.

What a great idea! What a super teacher!


Quiliting in Mequon said...

What a stunning quilt... It is hard to believe that second grade's worked on this and they should be comended for such a lovely job... I love the story about it.. I pat the teacher on the back for encouraging the children... :)

Cheryl Willis said...

looks like they did a great job. I did one years ago from a cross stitch, took over 40 hours. it was small just to see if I could do it. mine is a cat on a quilt.
don't see a large quilt with tiny sqs in my future. cw

Jeanne said...

It's amazing what can be done when people work together. (even 2nd graders) :) This is a work of art, for sure.

Angela said...

You're right, that is wonderful! And good for that teacher!

Quilterrits said...

that is beautiful! how big is the quilt--it looks big.