Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As promised here's my tutorial for making criss-cross coasters. You will need one charm pack to make a set of 6 and have 6 left over to make whatever you choose.

Divide your charms into sets of 6 with good contrast in each set. It takes 6 charms to make one coaster and you want that contrast so your criss-cross shows.

Place two charms wrong sides together. Lay them on your work surface to form the base of your coaster. Note that the one facing up will end up being the back of your coaster, and the other one will barely be seen, if at all.

Fold the other 4 charms wrong sides together. These will be referred to as fc's -- folded charms.

Lay your first folded charm (fc) on the base, keeping the raw edges together and the fold will be at the center of the base.

Lay your 2nd fc on as shown. Always keep the folded edge to the center and the raw edges together at the outside.

Continue with the 3rd fc in the same manner.

Likewise lay the 4th fc on the stack.

Flip up the first fc to cover half of the 4th fc.

This is what your stack should look like. The base is there, but can't be seen.

Stitch through all layers all around the outside edge with a 1/4" seam, pivoting at the corners.

This is how it should look after sewing all layers together with that one seam.

Trim the corners to reduce bulk.

Stick your thumb in the center and....

Turn it right side out, and voila! You have it!

Here's a link to another version made from 4.5" squares and using batting in the bottom layer. There are 6 layers of fabric anyway, so I don't think the batting is needed, but it's nice to have options, isn't it? And if you find my directions clear as mud, these are pretty clear and pretty much the same thing. Just smaller and with batting.

There's another way to fold your charms to get another look with these. I'll post that soon.

Remember, I have a contest going. Can you recognize the fabric line my charm pack was from? It's a current line. I just bought it last Sat. If you know, drop me an email at nana.quilts@gmail.com with your guess, and I'll enter the correct answers into a random generator next Mon. to select a winner of a small but nice prize.


Carmela said...

I just sent you my guess. Thanks Pat! Mel

Raewyn said...

Very clever!!! Thank you for the tutorial :-)

crickets said...

Great tute - I hadn't seent hat before. Clever!

Cheri said...

Thanks sew much. I've been wanting to do some of these. Summer WILL get here and I'll need these.

Banuca said...

Lovely and simple, thanks for sharing. I will share this at my blog with your link:)

I Play Outside The Box said...

Well, now I know the actual name of the coasters I have made in the past. I just called them "on square" in another comment I left you. I told you I wasn't a sewer...maybe I will eventually learn something here. lol

Sure wish you had a subscribe button on your blog...so your new updates would be sent to my email.

Have a great day!!

Angelette said...

Love thanks for the tut.

Rachel Baker said...

These are awesome and I am going to make each of my kids a set of these for Christmas. Question, can you cut very large squares and make placemats for plates to match them? would it work or not? Wondering what size squares would be needed for this? 12"??? or maybe 15" All of my kids have new homes this year and I would love to give them all placemats with matching coasters for Christmas. Any helpful hints will be appreciated. Thank you