Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today I finished up 18 Stamp Baskets for a Friendship Group swap. 16 are shown here, and I made one of each color for myself that aren't shown.

Here's a close-up of one. I love to sew the rick-rack on by hand, just catching each outer curve with a blind stitch. Stays nice and flat that way, even when laundered. Plus that's the way Mrs. Ott taught us in home-ec back in high school, so that's how I do it, LOL!

I still need to make the fabric labels and baste them on. They aren't due until the middle of October, but I'm glad to check them off my list, because there's so much sewing I want to accomplish this summer, including two other swap which will take longer to do, both due in Sept.


Snippets of Carol said...

Love them. I took a picture of one that I sent but next time I should lay them out like you did. As to the other two to complete your 20, I will be glad to make another for you, do you want to swap? Like I will make two more and give you one. And you do the same. Clear as mud.

Angela said...

The baskets look great! I love the rick rack handles!