Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The second Skillbuilder block involves a lot of skills. Sewn, aka, Leila, showed a really detailed, excellent, tutorial about lining up your seams for accurate piecing, etc. I am pretty competent with those skills, but she also included a lesson on value.

It's hard for me to not just go with gut instinct. I place colors how I like them. But in this block the goal was to use only darks and lights, no medium.

As you can see, this block is actually four 9-patches sewn together. When I sew 9-patches, I usually highlight the X formed or the cross, depending on how you use value. But Sewn challenged us to have the block in the middle of the 9-patch look like it is surrounded by a square. This was soooo against my natural bent.

Using only three colors (my choice) and two values (the goal), the hard part for me was to not have those outer rings look muddy -- blurred together -- especially when the outer square is light.

But I did succeed, in the end, I think. I knew there'd be lots to learn here, for newbies or experienced quilters. But it can be hard to break old habits, and see things differently!

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