Saturday, September 17, 2011


Finally put the last stitches in this Downy quilt yesterday.  Now 'Kicks', as I named it, is all packed up ready to go to the post on Monday.  I shared photos of this kit from Quilts for Kids, back in July.  Here's the finished quilt.  Quilts for Kids is a very worthwhile organization.  They send you all the fabric, pattern, etc., and you make the quilt.  It comes complete with a label for the first name of the maker and a space for you to name the quilt.  There were moments of angst making this quilt, like when I accidentally cut into the back fabric while trimming the batting, etc., but it's all fixed and ready to go.  I doubt the seriously ill child who will receive it, or the parents will notice the minor oopses which are now fixed (unless the mom is a member of the quilt police).

If you are interested in sewing for Downy Quilts for Kids, or just want to read more about this organization, click here.


wackywoman said...

What a great name for a great quilt.

Tiffaney said...

I lvoe making quilt for kids quilts. Wonderful job!

Julia said...

Great finish Pat..gorgeous quilt, it will be loved and treasured
Julia ♥

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Pat... I just love the quilt "Kicks"... What a lovely to show off sports... My grandson plays football... One day I have to make a football quilt... Hugs :)

Cyn ;-) said...

Super quilt -- brialliant name! All for a good cause; good for you!