Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WOW = Working On Wednesday

Esther Aliu. one of my favorite designers, posts a WOW every Wednesday.  Gals link to it with their WIP (Work in progress) On Wednesday.  So, here I go.

This week I'm working on criss-cross blocks for a swap (yes, another one!).  This is a rather labor-intensive swap, involving 40 some FQs.  Half are cut into 5" squares to swap, and half are made into these 4.5" finished size Criss-Cross blocks (those little squares are .75").  It's great fun, and we will have all the squares necessary to make the quilt top when finished.  Seven of us are making 7 blocks from each FQ.  Hopefully there will be very few, if any, duplicates.  We are using CW fabrics and Kona Cream.  Love it!  Seven of us will end up with awesome quilts.  This idea was in the Jan./Feb. 2011 issue of McCall's Quilting.  It was all set up for 7 quilters to do the swap.  Who could resist?

My June Taylor shape cuts are really getting a work out this week with these blocks! Notice, I've marked where I need to cut with tape, so I don't have to keep adding by 1.25"!

We gave it 9 months considering you have to come up with the 40 something FQs and then make the tons of blocks.  Due to my machine being in the shop most of the spring, and my eye having issues ever since, I'm running close to the deadline, but I'll make it!


Angela said...

Your blocks are looking great! I'm so thrilled to be one of the lucky 7! :o)

wackywoman said...

I like it. WOW working on Wednesday and I thought it meant White On White.

Cyn ;-) said...

Blocks are super. Great job.
WHEW! I frequently get 'winded' just reading what all you do! lol. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

Ineke van den Akker said...

What a wonderful blog.
I've just added you to my favorites.
greetings from Holland,
with love,

Glenda said...

Does this mean you end up with 40 blank squares and 40 criss-cross blocks??????? Enough for a single quilt?????? Glenda PS I like the look of the cutting ruler?????

Pat from FL and MI said...

Glenda, you came in as "no reply" so I'm answering here, and emailed to what I think is your email (hope it's not another Glenda, LOL).

Yes, actually 23 criss-cross and 23 blanks. Enough for an entire large quilt. That's why we gave it 9 months. First you had to gather that many different cw fabrics. Then all that cutting and sewing.

The ruler is super. I have two. One called June Tailer "Shape Cut" which has inch and half inch cuts, and the other "Quarter Cut" has quarter inch cuts. Very helpful if you're doing a ton of the same.

I do plan to get this quilt together this fall. Stay tuned............

mainer said...

Thats a good idea to mark the shape cut. I love mine. Great blocks!

Pat from FL and MI said...

That's 23 criss cross x 7 so 162 + one more, and 23 blanks x 7. The blocks are small 4.5" finished size, so it takes a lot for a whole quilt.