Friday, December 9, 2011

Tamarack, West Virginia

One of my favorite places to stop during our travels between MI and FL, is Tamarack, West Virginia.  Tamarack is filled with wonderful things made by the artisans of West Virginia.  Of course I first head to see what quilts are on display.

I'm not usually into art quilts, but this folk art one called to me.
Here are some of the details up close.  Super creative work!

I was also attracted to this house quilt.  So simple, so effective.

I have the pattern for this neat swirl table runner.  This beautiful interpretation was selling for well over $100.  Wow!  It's nice to see that they can get just reward for their creations.
Here's the studio where you can watch the textile artists work.  None were there when I was.  But there were potters and wood-workers in their areas.

These pictures show more displays.

Did you know Fiestaware is made in West Virginia?  This display featured my favorite Fiesta colors, scarlet and ivory.  They really complement the Christmas pieces.

No visit to Tamarack would be complete without a yummy meal, featuring regional fare, made by the chefs from the Greenbrier.  Didn't get any pictures of that though.  Too busy drooling, I guess.

If you can't get to Tamarack, West Virginia, you can visit on-line here.  Enjoy!


wackywoman said...

It does look like a great place alright. I have Fiestaware myself. Each plate is a different color. Very quilterly I always say. :-)

Marianne said...

I love Tamarack, too! I've been to WVa four times and have stopped there on every visit. It is "almost heaven"!!

Snippets of Carol said...

Love that place and all the hand crafts. I have made that runner you like also. Enjoy it. I have the ruler if you need it.

Cyn ;-) said...

What a great pictoral road trip! Thanks for taking us along. No, didn't know Fiesta Ware is made in WV -- I love that stuff!
The house quilt is really pretty. The quilter achieved some amazing perspective in her piecing and quilting. Really nice!
Have a safe trip to FL. /;-)

Nanette said...

We stopped there once on our way south from a quilt retreat in WV. I picked up some marbles from the hand blown glass place, I placed them in a beautiful bowl on the coffee table. I just love to run my fingers thru them, it's kinda like my feng shei (sp?) sand and rake.
What I wanted to ask is do you also hit up Maryjo's Fabric store just west of Charlotte. I make a point to always stop there, leave money and walk out with lots of beautiful goodies.