Saturday, January 7, 2012


And the winner is...........................drum roll..........................

red and white for Just Takes 2.  I've selected a Timeless Treasures tone-on-tone in reds, white Kona for the background and Pearle cotton for the embroidery.  So, after all my angst, I'm going traditional with a twist.  The standard red and white, but my red isn't solid, like most of the older red/white quilts.

Just Takes 2 is the creation of Brenda Papadakis and Gay Bomers.  You can find it here.


Betweens said...

I know! I know it was so hard to decide what colour. I went with the gold and you will see that mine is not solide either.
Love your choice it is going to be very very rich.
Are you then going to buy the redwork designs or use your own

Anonymous said...

I finally broke down and decided to do this...with so many other projects still not finished! Guess that's what retirement is for...anyway, I am going tradional after much thought...had originally thought about a red tone on tone but then just ordered Kona cotton in rich red and kona snow. Don't have any timeline for this baby...a block here, a block there, here a block there a block and everywhere a block.....

Alice in Apopka

Rebecca Fiedler said...

I bought my fabric today but haven't taken photos yet. I'm going to use a deep blue batik with a small scale light pattern on it as my background. I chose a very pale blue batik for my foreground color.

Raewyn said...

Hi Pat -- I'm caving in... thinking about what sort of red I want...!!

Bev said...

I've downloaded the Unit 2 patterns and started on Unit 1 when my printer stopped on block 6.
Now I can't seem to find the download for Unit 1. It's lost somewhere. Do you know what I can do to find it again.

Looking forward to our visit in Orlando.


Bev said...

Cancel my first comments. It popped up on my screen and I am downloading it now. Maybe I'm just not patient enough.