Saturday, January 21, 2012


Very little actual stitching has been getting done at my house lately.  Well ok, I've been setting up the sewing studio, organizing the rest of the house, meeting the new neighbors, and unpacking the endless boxes, downloading and saving projects.  But stitching, real stitching?  Not so much. 

So.........I've decided to go back to the Tilde saying  goal of "One Thread A Day" (Tilde moderates the WIP yahoo group -- Work in Producers -- which is about getting things done).  That can be one actual thread of hand sewing, or it can be 5 minutes of machine sewing.  But it IS actual stitching.  Not planning, dreaming, organizing.  And if you make that One Thread be on the same project every day, that project will eventually be finished.  Imagine???

Will you join me?


Debbie Madigan said...

I like this idea, Pat, and I am pretty sure that in the next few weeks I will stitch at least one needle full of thread each day!

Wilma NC said...

I used to do that when I was hand quilting everything. I would load 3 needles and at least do those every day. You get more done than you think.

astitch said...

Good idea. Things will at least keep moving forward, towards completion

Cyn ;-) said...

Love Tilde's one thread a day... it has worked wonders in my life! YES, I'm on board with you!
Nice post.