Thursday, August 30, 2012


Barbara Brackman is doing it again!  This time her BOW is in honor of Women's Suffrage.  This starts Sept. 1 and lasts through Aug., 2013.  Click here to go to the Grandmother's Choice blog.  There will be lots to learn as well as a quilt block each week.

I took a course in Women's History in the U.S.A. in college, and found it really, really, interesting.  This quilt will discuss Women's Suffrage around the globe, not just in the USA.  I can't wait!  Just two more days.


wackywoman said...


Betweens said...

Pat I can`t wait either, what are your colors, what fabrics are you using? did you join the flicker group so that you can list your blog?
I am going to go with the purple green and white. I don`t like purple but this project might change my attitude. Love love history so i am ready to be educated.

Quilteuse Forever said...

I will also take part in this adventure! We are already 12 to 15 French quilters, so avid to learn about Women's Rights too!
Katell, Toulouse