Friday, August 31, 2012


Traditionally Labor Day marks the end of the summer.  Wow!  Sure came fast this year! 

Upper Michigan has a unique way to celebrate. They open lanes on the Mackinac Bridge to walkers. The bridge connects Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas, is 5 miles long, and was built in 1957. Click here for more info on this structure. 

I was a 6-year-old when the bridge opened, and like many trolls (those living below the bridge in Michigan) my family was eager to check it out.  It was quite exciting to no longer spend the day waiting for, and traveling across on the auto ferries!

This is a large mass of humanity walking the bridge. It's not on my bucket list, but here's to those who do it -- some every year.  So, how are you celebrating this week end?  I'm hoping to get some stitching in.


sophie said...

The bridge walk was on my Mom's list. I heard her talk about it a lot when I was young, so a couple years ago, I took her and my niece up for the weekend and we walked the bridge. It was FUN.

Cyn ;-) said...

Cool bridge!
We are going to a Sand Castle Contest and Art Display in San Diego - then out to dinner. Hope to spend the weekend sewing.
Hope you have great plans going!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting way to celebrate Labor Day. It makes me want to experience it too. Hmm. Maybe next time I'll come and celebrate it with you guys in Michigan.
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