Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Patchwork Posse's Winter Wonderland sew along has started.  The first row is Delectable Mountain blocks.  She has a really easy way to make them, so although I really planned to just follow, not sew, this quilt-along (QAL), I had to give it a go.

The block finishes at 12x8, and she says to make 4.  That would make a 48" row.  I'm thinking maybe I'll make three for a 36" row.  We shall see.

Anyhow, here's my first block, and below is how to make them.

To start, cut two 8.5" squares, one of each color.  Put them right sides together, draw a line down the diagonal, stitch 1/4" each side of the line, cut on the line, open and press.  In other words the way you probably already make hsts (half-square-triangles).  I squared mine to 8" at this point.

Lay them rst (right-sides-together), opposite colors facing.

Slice into 4 two-inch strips.

Arrange the strips like so, and stitch together.  Voila!  A quick and easy block.

Here's my row of 3.  It's 8 x 36; seems pretty big to me.  She says to make four, for a 48" length.

There's a link to this row-along on my side bar, and in an earlier post.  I still don't know that I'll be stitching all of it, but this would have made a super block for a row swap I was in last year, for the theme northwoods.  Hmmm.....................


wackywoman said...

What an interesting block. Very nice.

Cyn said...

This is way cool, Pat. Thanks for sharing how you did it. Neat trick!

Lakegaldonna said...

Hi Pat
Looks nifty. I am not getting the cutting the strips in to 4 inch from the 8 inch, can you elaborate?

Snippets of Carol said...

Very Nice Pat [what happened to no new projects?] Now you remind me of me!

Pat from Florida said...

Lakgaldonna, you cane in a 'no reply' blogger, so I can't email you privately. But you lay the two hsts together, but with opposite colors facing each other, right sides together, the seam line on top of each other. Then just lay your ruler vertically to 2" and cut. Continue the same.

If this is still clear as mud try emailing me (top left of my blog).

Hope this helps.

Pat from Florida said...

Oh, and it's not 4" strips. It's 4 (quantity) 2" strips.