Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Case of the Secret Garden

Step 2 for any Inklingo project:  test the colors on your fabric.  You can see this really well on my white, but it's printed the same on all of these little 5 x 5 swatches.  You select the color you'll print on the back of the fabric, cutting lines and stitching lines with hatch marks at corners and match points.  You want the lightest color that you can see. 

This is a little tricky on the prints, because what you can see on the lighter parts doesn't necessarily show up on the dark.  These tests are on the back of the fabric because that's where the marks get printed.

So what was Step 1, you ask.  Select your fabrics of course.  Here's what I'm using in the COTSG, right side out.

The quarter is for the size of the print which was important here, because the pieces are small.  Now on to printing the shapes on my fabrics.


wackywoman said...

I am excited to watch this unfold.

Cyn said...

Lookin' good, friend! Nice fabrics. I have to get mine washed today... then I'll print. Isn't this fun?!