Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I feel a hand-stitching marathon coming on!


Dolores said...

Ha, Ha! My youngest daughter and I just finished season 2 two days ago. She is well and truly hooked. I saw it when it first came out on PBS and after buying the first two seasons, watched it with my eldest daughter when I visited her and her little boys. I just ordered season 3 today and I know my little girl will need a box of tissues.
Have fun with the hand sewing. I couldn't do anything while watching Downton - don't want to miss anything.

Emily T said...

Yay! Those are so awesome. Although I didn't get ANY sewing done while watching Downton, I couldn't afford to miss a single raised eyebrow or swish of a chandelier brush. :-)

Mary-Pat Sherman said...

Last winter, while RVing in Mexico, I bought all three seasons of Downton Abbey because I hadn't seen any of it while in Guatemala for a year and a half before that. "Everybody" (RVers) was talking about it and I felt 'out of it' so I marathoned through all three seasons in about two weeks. Of course, now I'm finding it hard to wait for Season 4!