Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Here's my crochet-along project so far.  This is a first -- using recommended size hook to get gauge!  I always knit and crochet loose and need to go down a size, if the item has to fit.  That said, I usually don't crochet or knit things that have to 'fit'.  I generally make afghans, scarfs, etc.  But this is a cardigan, and this is the bottom back.

I'm also using the recommended yarns, as I love them.  Two skeins are Vanna's Choice and three are Unique, a new yarn from Lion Brand.  The Unique is very soft and nice.  A bit like Homespun, but not nearly so 'hairy'.

Oh, and as to watching Downton during a stitching marathon, forget that!  You'd miss a raised brow, or curious look!  It is just all-engrossing!  Even DH is caught up in it.  I'm enjoying it so much more than the hit or miss I did with it when it played on TV.  Now I understand the whys and whats.  We are half-way through Season 3.  Season 4 doesn't play in the States until January.  What to do; what to do?  Perhaps check The Tudors out of the library?  Sure beats anything on TV!  And, if I'd go back to crocheting ruffle scarfs or similar, I could hook and watch at the same time maybe.  But not during Downton.


Kathleen Wilson said...

Hi Pat,
Love the colors of the cardigan. I printed off the instructions but don't know if I will do it or not.

Thanks for the reply about the album in SBS. Have a great day.

Wacky Woman said...

Nice pattern. I need to pull out my hand quilting and have a marathon day with Downton Abbey as well.

Mary-Pat Sherman said...

Hi Pat:
I've found that there are times, while knitting / crocheting that I can keep up with a video but it's not often. Another 'promise' I've made to myself, when 'listening' to audible books, is to check each row for looks .... what a drag if I've made a mistake five rows (or more) ago! I do think it's easier to 'listen' only than to try working on a project during videos!
I watched all three seasons of "Downton Abbey" while in Mexico earlier this year and now I'm WAITING, somewhat impatiently, for Season Four. I'm full-timing in my RV for a year or more and haven't even hooked up the TV! I can find NOTHING to watch. MP

Cyn said...

Your Cardi is looking great Pat! Love the colors.
I'm in withdrawal waiting for DA to start again in January!