Monday, July 7, 2014


Row by rows are so much fun that one of my groups does this type of swap every year.  My theme this year is "Northwoods of Paradise" and this is my starter row.  It will travel around a circle of 5 or 6 or us, each making a row to go with this.  Of course I'll be making rows for them as well.

Row by rows and medallions are my favorite swaps, because you don't have to worry about all the blocks matching up, or a creative way to sash them to make them all the same size.

This year we have a wide variety of themes from 'Out of Africa', 'Australian Flora', 'Red and White', etc.  Swaps like this make us get out of our boxes and think.  Others always add techniques and styles to mine that I would not have thought about.

The Row Experience, in my last post, was the perfect size for our starter rows, so I used the pattern and kit from my LQS.  Vicki, owner of Village Fabrics and Crafts, really captured my theme in her design.

Today is my birthday, and we are off to the falls to celebrate out in nature.  Hope you are having a super day too.


Wacky Woman said...

Happy Birthday Pat. Have a good day and love your row!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday. I'm collecting Rows too. All 3 of them within a 1 hours drive, LOL. No cute appliqued ones just piecing. Anyone can make a few blocks and sew them together. So disappointed in my area. I need a Road trip to gather more so I can make the 8 needed to make a quilt and go get the winning FQS.

Cindy D said...

Happy Birthday Pat! I love you row. The hardest part of a row swap for me is deciding on the theme for my row. Your row is perfect, and will make a beautiful quilt.