Thursday, July 3, 2014


Are any of you doing your state row shop hop this summer?

I am doing at least one row -- the one from my LQS in Paradise, MI.

I have to say this shop, in the middle of no where, is one of the best quilt shops I've ever been in.  It's along M123, just west of Paradise, on the way to Tahquamenon Falls.  I think many of their customers are vacationers.

Here's about 1/3 of the building.  It has been added to in stages.  It's very basic up north on the outside.  Inside, ooh-la-la!  I'll share pictures of that sometime.  Wonderful fabric selections, yarns to die for, patterns galore, cross stitch, tote bags, fabric paints, huge notions wall, etc., etc.  Lots of eye candy!

This is my haul from today.  I love their license plate!  So accurate.  The row really captures this area in summer.  Blueberries (wild), animals, and woods.  Vicki, the owner, is sooo talented!  This row is just perfect for Paradise!

I'm using it for my starter row for a row swap, with the theme "Northwoods in Paradise."  That's the same as any northwoods theme, but might include freighters going by on Lake Superior, lighthouses, and waterfalls too.

Hope  everyone is finding time to stitch, and if possible checking out the Row by Row Experince in your state.


sophie said...

It looks like a fun idea. Unfortunately for me, no quilt shops in NM are participating :-(

Mary said...

I went to the 3 that within an hour of me and none of them did the Plates! Bummer. Glad you got one at least. I just returned from a long road trip so traveling to get the row by rows is the last thing I wan tto do. My friend in Chicago is getting some for me, what a great friend she is. I love your Round Robin. I have done a couple and enjoyed them in spite of delays and mail troubles.

Marianne said...

My LQS is doing this also. Need to get there and get busy. :-)

Wacky Woman said...

How fun. I'm not sure anyone here is doing that. Nice to get a sneak peak at your row.