Saturday, November 29, 2014


Today I got together with other quilters from my area who are working on Bonnie Hunter's current mystery, Grand Illusions.  We met at Nancy's Quilt Shop in Winter Garden.

The colors are taken from The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI, which was the inspiration for the quilt.

Everything cut and packed -- ready to go.

Oops!  Something is clearly wrong on this first go!  Yikes.  Where is Jack?  Jack the Ripper.

This looks better!

Two finished, 98 to go before Friday, when the next clue comes out.

Hope you are finding some stitching time this weekend too.


R & E said...

I'm laughing at the positioning of your two blocks 8-))) I'll watch you and others on the e-mail list make this mystery - I'm buried in other projects, but also hope I don't get weak and change my mind.

Have fun!

I'm one of the mouths who commented on the "too many methods" for making HSTs. I was getting confused! 8-))

Elaine Adair

Mary said...

That's where Bonnie says to put your blocks at a workshop. I only got two made this week so far. I was out of town for the holiday.