Saturday, November 29, 2014

Where did the time go?

I've been super busy and haven't updated the blog!

These are pics from a class I took this month with Andrea Schnur, Certified Judy Niemeyer instructor.  We are making the Bali Bed Runner.  Yikes!  Crazy involved.


Wacky Woman said...

Oh my. That is a huge project you have taken on. Good for you!

Hitimbr said...

I also bought a big quilt pattern (your 3rd slide of the trunk show) of Judy Niemeyer. I ordered it after watching her TV Show of her assembly of it video. I'm so glad you mentioned that there are experts who teach this. Maybe a few days of my 3 months in AZ I could find someone like that to help me. Does anyone know how I could find him or her near southern end of Tuson...or, better yet in Green Valley would be great. My main goal is to finish my Snow Days pieced blocks.. and assemble the top. Next project is to finish all my owed exchange blocks if not in mail before Christmas.And a Downton Abbey 'Round the World' for my DD .... I want to add the new Jan. released fabrics then cut and arrange the strips and join and cut again. Easy Peasy 'just to do it.'

So learning Judy Neimeyer could be my AZ challenge . . . We can nudge each other... A bed runner like your size could be a good manageable goal. Keep sharing how it goes for you.
My non-tecky sisters are using Skype... Now that is going to be my new phone call preference, with them, too.We all live over an hour from each other & Father Time is clicking away. It's going to be the best- soon even only way to visit for us soon. The least tecky of us Refuses to update to a new car. She Drives a big 2001 gas guzzeler Lincoln Towncar. That's insane... the backup camera and other benifits like big screen GPS is so worth it. I love the new features: No key to dig out of a purse to lock and unlock doors and just push button on dash start. Now's the time to enjoy the age of Aquarius. Right ? The 3 of us all try to use our embroidery machine attachment... and love our push to stop and start Babylock machines.
Time to drive the safest, economical car as well. My husband and I just love our Toyota Camrays. Made in the USA. We each have one. No old age confusion when we need to use each others car. Same controls. Doing this was our reaching our forgetful golden age decision. Back to you. Your latest blocks have interested me... I hope you get the next 96 done without needing 'Jack' again. It will be lovely reminder of a great hotel and island of the Great Lakes... Thank You Pat. I'm back to organizing my UFO's & sewing supplies as you have been. Fewer pack-ups to classes... stop my not unpacking from the many 'away' sewing classes and workshops... That causes me brain freezes to re-find things. And clutter of bags all over the room. . . Shopped in 4 different cities today 'small business Saturday' got many nice free bags... more to organize with like fabric color families... Great new Fabrics. Several are from the Moda red white challenge Jan.-March. With military theme... oh dear another brought forward goal=... I am aiming to make small something for each living family member who served our Country.
Maybe an oversized 'envelope bag' to store letters/maps & momentos of service years... Using patchwork to incorporate the lovely Thank You fabric and this charm pack and my other red + white blues... in a log cabin design. . . . Reminding them we at home thought of them and prayed for their return. . . And healthy life in a safe cozy USA home.Back to you Pat... keep the pink to the outside. Thanks